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Clip On

Earrings come with adjustable screwback clip, which is a perfect option for anyone who is unable to have pierced ears due to sensitive skin or a metal allergy. Tighten the adjustable screw back until the clip is tight against the earlobe in painless condition

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Based on past sales records and customer surveys, we have selected a series of popular pearl jewellery items from a value-for-money perspective: 根據過往的銷售記錄和客戶的意見調查,從性價比的角度,我們精選了一系列較受歡迎的珍珠首飾給大家:


Attaching earrings jackets are the fastest and easiest way to accessorize your earrings, it provides a variety of different looks, in the few seconds that it takes to slide them on or off the earring posts that slip through your ears.